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Sunday, September 21, 2008

Pet O Bed

As you may recall, last month I told you about the Mid Atlantic Great Dane Rescue League's Dollars for Danes Auction. They had fabulous items donated and the auction raised $6972 with a total of 346 bids.

I was one of those bidders and I have to say. a very happy winner of a new bed for the girls. It's made by Pet O Bed. I was able to order any size with any cover and they even included the shipping! Diana was especially helpful in taking my order and even sent me an invoice for tax purposes, since it's considered a charitable donation for MAGDRL.

So let me tell you about the bed. It's made of very dense polyurethane foam which is about 6" thick. The foam has a dip in the middle so it's like a nest.

Then it has a cover which is like a fitted sheet, no zippers, no velcro. If you have a chewer, this is a GOOD thing. Thankfully, my girls have outgrown the bed chewing phase.

This is the bottom...

...and this is the top.

The cover is really easy to take off and put on and should be a breeze to wash. The cover of this one is made from acrylic fur.

Time for a test drive. We let Sophie try it first since it's really for her even though they switch beds all the time and it's pretty much first come, first serve.

mmmm....smells good

yep, I like it!

Then we let the Danes have a look. Lilly was on it in a flash!

But she had to fight to keep it!

Apparently they've agreed to share!

Needless to say the bed is a huge success and we're all happy! Big thanks to Pet O Bed and MAGDRL

*****One more thing. When you place your order with Pet O Bed, mention Mid Atlantic Great Dane Rescue League(MAGDRL) and they will receive a 15% donation. How great is that? Your furkids get a new bed AND you're helping Danes in need.


  1. WOW, that's a really cool bed. It's nice to share, isn't it!?

  2. BARK! That bed looks cool. And it matches mommy's theme to our lair. Max and I have 2 beds that we share, but mommy keeps moving them closer and closer, hoping some day we will actually touch each other when sleeping. Im not sure about that. I dont want the big dumb pup touching me! BARK! Sasha the Princess

  3. very very cool bed and i love the photos

    your blog is just so well laid out i just love it mate


  4. Woof Gang

    Woo-woo. That is a really pawsome looking bed. You pups sure do look like you're enjoying it, you lucky pups.

    Desert Pups

  5. Hey, the bed is kinda kool!

    Butt wiggles,
    Solid Gold Dancer

  6. Love the bed and the covers pretty trendy. We struggle to find beds for Chels here most are too small...think when she finally stops growing Ill have to shop on line for her...

  7. Love that bed!! Maybe when Willow stops chewing, we'll get one!!

  8. It's a great story of a pet bed & two pets.