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Thursday, January 24, 2008

Dane Beach Club

The Dane Beach Club is just a nick name I made up! We are 3 friends that like to get together with our Danes at the beach to play. It's a chance for us to catch up and just relax in the sun with our FAB dogs. They have so much fun it's impossible to let anything bother you. It's a getaway from everyday life.
Here's the real giant of the bunch, Herman.

Then there's Mr. Type A Personality, Huey. He's always ready for the plunge into the ocean. Here, he's having a word with our new friend, Roxy, the boxer pup.
And finally, Roxy the Dane with Lilly and their personal slave throwing a stick for them!
Huey and Roxy are on a long break from the Rally ring right now since there are no shows until April. They're both working on off-leash training in preparation for Rally Advanced. Lilly should also be making her debut in Novice in April.
Until next time, Train(have fun too!) and Don't Complain.