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Friday, November 6, 2009

Ear Ouchie

Any breed with pendulous ears can be prone to ear problems. Cuts, scrapes, infection due to water or even hematomas from flapping their ears. Our dogs are flappers! They shake their heads and flap their ears when they wake up, before they lie down, when they want a scratch or even when they want something. It DOES get your attention.
Lilly got a scrape on her hear somehow and it just wasn't healing. Every time it would get a scab on it, she'd shake her head and flap those ears and there went the scab. It would start to bleed again, I'd clean it up and a couple days later the same thing would happen. It's not a bad cut and it's not the first time this has happened but this time we had to resort to extreme measures.
I cleaned up the cut for the billionth time, sprayed it with New Skin and covered it with a gauze pad. Then I taped her ears under her chin with Nexcare Flexible First Aid tape so she couldn't flap her ears. She's not very happy about it but the wound is finally healing.

Expressing her displeasure...

...and TELLING me all about it!