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Thursday, September 18, 2008

Creature Comforts

Let's face it, dogs cost money. Just think of all the $$ we spend to keep them happy and healthy. Food, vaccines, heartworm preventative, dog dishes, beds, toys, collars, leashes, etc. So we go through all of these mental contortions trying find the BEST of everything right?

Take water for instance. Basic staple of life for all living creatures. But what do we put it in to serve our four legged friend? Roxy, Lilly and Sophie have various dishes. LARGE-like 2 gallon sized dishes-raised off the floor so they don't have to strain to reach it. Being giant breeds, this is important. So what kind of dish do they prefer? Is it stainless steel? Plastic? No, no, no. How about cool, clean, white, porcelain!! Yep, you guessed it, they're just as happy drinking out of the toilet as any fancy raised dish you can buy. We do NOT encourage this and I'm constantly reminding the rest of the family to "Put the seat DOWN".

Then there's the hose, that's really a favorite.

Or even the hot tub! That's Lilly having a gulp from the tub.

Here I am worried about their water being cool enough and changing it all the time so it's not too warm and there goes the little bugger into what she must think is the largest, warmest dog dish ever!!

And then there's the sprayer. God forbid I put anything in it that's not water. It was originally for plant food but THAT'S not gonna happen.

And how about beds? These days it's lots easier to find extra, extra large beds but it didn't used to be that way. Even still, they're pretty expensive. But only the best for our doggies right? BUT, do they use these beds? Well, yes, but why only part of the bed?? I purposely had the beds made quite big so they could fit their WHOLE body on them. So why are their heads always hanging off??

To be perfectly fair, Roxy's pretty much ON the bed in the photo above. That paw is hanging off just in case she has to make a quick escape!


  1. Hehehe! You guys are too cute! Should try out that hot tub someday but I think it'll be too hot...

    Butt wiggles,
    Solid Gold Dancer

  2. LOL... I prefer to sleep on the tile floor. Much cooler there.

    Pssst...PR Gang. I have a wonderful surprise for you! I nominated you for an award! Stop by and pick it up. We love your blog!

  3. BARK!!! Mommy is laughing so hard! And I like the hose water best myself. We really are not that expensive. You peoples make more effort than needed. Don't buy us a special bed, just let us sit or lay on YOU!-- BARK! Sasha the princess

  4. Lol.. Chels not only drinks the bathwater but blows bubbles in it... Love the bed pics ... Roxy sleeps like Chelsea

  5. I hear ya!!! The danes around here prefer to have something hanging off of their extra large beds!!