'/> The PR Gang: Scary!

Saturday, August 30, 2008


YIKES! What the heck is that?

Just testing out the new Dustbuster I bought today. Roxy has no problem with the regular vacuum but apparently this was a little confusing. She inspected it from a distance, circled it a few times and then barked at it.

Maybe I'm supposed to play with it?

or stare it down?

She ended up staying in her sphinx pose 'til I put it away! Notice that Lilly stayed in the background the whole time. Big sisters should take care of these thing you know!


  1. I don't like that thing...it steals my fur! I like to leave a little here and a little there and that thing just takes it. It's wrong, just plain wrong.


  2. I love the sphinx pose... thats Chelseas main move when shes feeling cautious