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Monday, February 4, 2008

Planning a Meet

We're getting pretty excited down here in Puerto Rico. Caribbean Great Dane Club is planning its first Meet and Greet. Unfortunately our club has been inactive for the past couple of years so Selena and I decided to take matters into our own hands! We've planned a meet in a nearby park to be held on the 17th of February. Flyers have been put up, we've announced it on a couple of local boards, the canine calendar, and are in the process of arranging to have it announced on a local radio station. One of our older, more experienced members has offered to hold an open discussion on care and feeding of Danes. I've been fielding phone calls and emails and Selena has been in touch with several people at the Humane Society. We're over the moon at the response so far.
Our main goal of this meet is to contact as many Dane owners as possible just to get an idea of how many are actually out there. Our aim is to further education of the breed and promote proper care as well as discouraging improper breeding practices. Wish us luck!
You can see Roxy & Lilly-above-taking a break from our latest planning session.

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