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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Caribbean Great Dane Club Meet

After several years of inactivity within our club, Selena and I decided to take the bull by the horns and organize a Meet and Greet for the Danes in a local park. The weather was not the best but we were lucky enough to be able to use the big pavilion during the brief rain showers.
Initially we had 8 Danes and their owners as well as a few other people interested in learning more about the breed. We received a sponsorship from Royal Canin and raffled off dog food as well as giving away some puppy kits. We all chatted about our dogs and everyone got to know each other. All the dogs behaved really well and we were happy for a fair turnout.
Both Selena and I had to leave after a couple of hours and apparently missed a whole bunch of people. In good Puerto Rican fashion, the majority arrived VERY late. Luckily some other members of the club were still around so we were thrilled to have such a good response. Seems even more people are interested in regular meets and soon we will be appointing new officers so we can really get things moving.
So that's what's happening on our little island. DANES RULE!!

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