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Friday, November 6, 2009

Ear Ouchie

Any breed with pendulous ears can be prone to ear problems. Cuts, scrapes, infection due to water or even hematomas from flapping their ears. Our dogs are flappers! They shake their heads and flap their ears when they wake up, before they lie down, when they want a scratch or even when they want something. It DOES get your attention.
Lilly got a scrape on her hear somehow and it just wasn't healing. Every time it would get a scab on it, she'd shake her head and flap those ears and there went the scab. It would start to bleed again, I'd clean it up and a couple days later the same thing would happen. It's not a bad cut and it's not the first time this has happened but this time we had to resort to extreme measures.
I cleaned up the cut for the billionth time, sprayed it with New Skin and covered it with a gauze pad. Then I taped her ears under her chin with Nexcare Flexible First Aid tape so she couldn't flap her ears. She's not very happy about it but the wound is finally healing.

Expressing her displeasure...

...and TELLING me all about it!


  1. pooor thing! I am amazed that works! Moose is an ear flapper and ever since I heard of this problem I cringe when he does it! I will keep this solution in mind if it does happen to him! Hope she is healed and free to flap soon!

  2. I have a crush on Lilly.... ooops that just came out....

    woof - Tucker

  3. Awwww, I'm think I'm blushing! Thanks Tucker,
    Love, Lilly

  4. Double Woof to Tucker's comment. That Lilly is one fine lookin Dane. We'd have super gorgeous pups, if I hadn't been tutored that is.

    oh well. Maybe in my next life.

    wags, wiggles & slobbers

  5. Poor Lilly! I do love the picture of her rooing at you though!:o)

  6. So giggling.. mine are both flappers, reminds me of the sound of a horse shaking its head... well lily might howl in displeasure but if she left the shaking off she wouldnt have to have her ears strapped...

    We spent a summer on Chelseas ears due to water but what are we sposed to do ban her from the beach during the australian heat?

  7. Oohhh poor Lilly! I thought we were going to have to resort to taping her ears like that when she got a bite to her ear. Those first few days it would keep bleeding cause she's an ear shaker too! It's finally healing up, though there's still no fur growing on the patch yet!

  8. Aw...poor Lily! Although I must say, you look very funny with your ears like that (giggle!) Love that last picture!!

  9. Hi Guys - just wanted to say thanks for telling us about the DOL newsletter featuring Honey's birthday party! We didn't know - what an honour! :-) Although I do find that most traffic to the site seems to be lurkers who never comment so I never really know people are visiting, unless they announce themselves! :-)


  10. BARK! Poor Lily, you look silly with your ears like that. I think I would paw that stuff off. Mommy has tried to tape sockies on my feet when I have owies, but I just paw them off.
    BARK! Sasha the Princess

  11. The giveaway results are up!

    Gus and Waldo