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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Great Toy

Roxy received a really cool toy for Christmas. It's called Skinneeez. Skinneeez look a bit like roadkill but the girls love them. They're like plush toys without the filling. They also have a squeaker in both ends which Lilly finds endlessly amusing. The girls throw it around and play tug with it all the time and it's still going strong. Great toy!!

Playing tug

What? I'm playing nice!

Maybe if I bite her head...



  1. Oooo, what a fun toy!

    Butt wiggles,
    Solid Gold Dancer

  2. Hi Roxy & Lily -

    Ooh - I want a Skineeze too!! I must tell my humans to look around the shops here in NZ...

    Hey - how funny that your human used to live near Hampstead Heath...small world, eh?

    Sorry I haven't been to visit much - but my humans are coming home soon (I'm so excited!) so I will be able to come visiting regularly again soon!

    Honey the Great Dane

  3. That is the BEST toy ever! Huey & Higgins loves theirs too!! And it has still survived believe it or not!

  4. Hi Roxy & Lily!
    I saw you on DWB and wanted to stop in and say hello! That looks like a really fun toy! Maybe we can be friends!

  5. That's good to know that the skinneeze hold up so well to us danes. Maybe now my mom will get me one. I keep asking for one, but she thinks I'll just tear it up like I do my other toys. I'm gonna print out this post in "accidentally" leave it in an obvious place so she'll see it and maybe get me one.

    Behr Behr :)