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Sunday, December 7, 2008

Christmas cookies

Dogs need Christmas cookies too so we're trying out some new recipes so we can give them to friends. The recipe we tried today is from the Three Dog Bakery Cookbook. It's a really easy recipe and of course it's made from all natural ingredients. This one is for peanut butter cookies. YUM!

The girls had to test the peanut butter first to make sure it was OK. I think it's a go!

We added some garlic to the batter just in case there are any pesky fleas lurking about. Garlic apparently deters fleas. We've never had any problem but I add a little bit to their meals every once in a while. Roxy thinks it's a bit heavy on the garlic here!
Sophie gives it a paws up though. Pssst...she eats anything that seems like a treat!

We put a tropical twist on Christmas by making the cookies in the shapes of marine animals. Here are some seahorses cooling on a rack. We think they came out really pretty!


  1. Boy it looks like you guys really enjoyed those treats!

    If my mom could cook, I would ask her to make some.


  2. BARK!! Well, mommy didnt let us sample the Human treats she made. And she was very careful about putting them in the "off limts" room. But we kept a close eye on that door, and when daddy left it cracked it open, we took advantage and sampled all the goodies. Only we forgot to leave some behind. Daddy was scared to death when he found me lethargic. He called mommy and she said I was DRUNK, as it was RUM CAKE I had eaten. My tummy was ok, but I slept a long time- BARK! Sasha the Princess