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Wednesday, May 14, 2008


and the livin' is easy!
Roxy, as well as Lilly and Sophie are exhausted from a weekend at the beach. We live right near the beach and go fairly often but we just spent a long weekend on the west coast where the kids didn't have to be leashed at all...not even to get to the beach. So it play time all the time. YAY!

Of course we did have to do a few "work" sessions but working on "recall", for example, on the beach is much more fun than in our usual training sites. They get to chase sticks and coconuts into the water, have wild zoomies and jump up and down off the banks of sand formed by the waves. Every once in a while I call them back and make them sit, down or finish and that's a quick training session that's fun for everyone.
We all had a blast!!


  1. WOW-- your Roxie looks just like my brother Max. But she sounds a lot smarter than him. He doesnt like his halti too much either, but if he would just learn to stay next to mommy and not ahead of her, he could have the nice collar like mine.
    Sasha, the Princess
    PS-- My mommy says your dog is beautiful!

  2. We're just losing our summer here. Don't the dogs just love it. Chels is not the bravest and is happiest when its up to her knees...I'm a bit the same as you. For us the beach is her play time (as opposed to training) and we get a few recalls in...great photos